The January (which is now February) Post, Part II

Last week I had begun my January/New Years post (read here). This week I will be completing the two part post looking ahead into 2017, and what I am working towards. Rather than set definite goals, I want to look at principals I want to incorporate into my life. January has been by and large been about getting back on track after some down time, February is the time to start making changes.

Ahimsa – Cause no injury, do no harm. To tread lightly on this world! For the past year (or more?) I have dabbed in and out of vegetarian phases. I want this to be the year it sticks, I find it more and more difficult to consciously eat meat. However I seem to do a lot of unconscious eating, particularly when eating out as before I know it I have ordered some sort of meat dish. Beyond that, the first half of this year I will be travelling far and wide. On a small scale, to do as little damage as possible to the countries I visit. I hope to create as little (or even better, no) waste while I do so, and to implement this into my daily living when I return. It will I hope be a plus plus – eating with little to no packaging will mean eating fresh and eating healthy. Which leads nicely onto…

Pratyahara – Often  considered as withdrawal or sensory deprivation, Pratyahara can also mean gaining control over external influences. Given my tendencies to over indulge it’s something I want to try and learn more about this year. It’s so easy to lose the run of oneself, binging on delicious or bad foods (MOAR SUGAR), spending hours overloading the brain with social media clicking endlessly for a gratification that does not exist, drinking etc. etc. etc. It will be a challenge for sure to get my deviant self in line! I do intend on a social media blackout at some point, whilst I am travelling. More details to come soon!

Learning – Oh if only my brain had decided to be the sponge it now seems to want to be when I was in school! I find myself more interested in learning new things than I have in years. Maybe the yoga course last year sparked some dormant part of my brain. I continue to study yoga and all it’s tiny tributaries, and I am starting to try and learn some languages again. And music – both exploring new music and attempting to learn to play too have become part of my daily doings. I’ve also been reading heaps too, which is so nice to get back into.

Meditation – My new found love. At this point, my yoga practice is by and large self lead – partially in a bid to save money and partially to continue to develop sequencing skills for my classes. As a result my practice seems to have exponentially lengthened between Asana and Dhyana, to two hours – 30 minutes of which are spent in meditation. Afterwards I find that my meditative state extends on into whatever I do next, I move slowly and mindfully keeping my consciousness pointed at the task at hand, rather than fluttering about on a multitude of different things.

Creating – I spent the first two thirds of my life making. From tree houses and make shift pallet homes in the shed, to knitting, sewing, drawing, painting and printing. Even cooking. I love to make, but I don’t always make time for it. Sometimes it is lack of inspiration, some times it is lack of drive. I have one or two small projects in mind for this year, so watch this space!

Teaching – my unexpected adventure. Having done a full 180 turn from never wanting to teach to teaching regular yoga classes I hope to teach and teach and teach this year. So far I am off to a good start, teaching 4 classes a week at a local studio. During the next part of my travels though I am not sure how this will pan out – but hopefully I will meet some people along the way looking to be taught. I want to up my teaching skills too – beyond the course I will be doing I want to become more like the teachers that I most admire. I admire these teachers, because when I leave their classes I feel like I come away having learned something – either about yoga, or myself.

Bullet Journalling – I am forgetful. I also become stagnant if I do not have a to-do list to stick to (I will literally spend the day on the couch watching Star Trek if I haven’t set myself some goals for the day). I started bullet journalling at the beginning of the year – it’s quick, it’s easy and gives me a timeline to look back on. It also shows where I have been dragging my heels and putting off doing certain things – it’s my new way of kicking my own butt!

There might be more that naturally adds itself to this list over the year. Who knows. As I said in my last post I feel like my theme for this year will be fight, and I can tell you know that Pratyahara is going to be a real struggle for me. Somethings will come easily whilst travelling but once I jump back into the “real” world, begin working again etc it’s going to be tough to keep up with all these things. Let’s see how this one plays out, shall we?


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