The January post, Part I

Like many I want to start my new year off with that symbolic “fresh start” that only the close of the old year can offer. But before I truly focus on what 2017 might bring, I want to look back at what 2016 brought, the highs, the lows, and the achievements unlocked, inspired by a post by fellow blogger (and generally amazing person) Jesse on her blog, Hecticophilia.

The first three months of the year were a mixed bag, and started, funnily enough, almost exactly where I am now. Part emotional upheaval (diplomatic) and part fierce. I learned to be myself again, visited friends, made new ones, was reminded of the extreme kindness that you find at home. I also got to be part of my soul sister’s bridal procession. And plans began to formulate. My yoga course began, work ramped up. I had so much to throw myself into.

April, May and June were busy, busier and busiest. Plans for Nepal solidified, I decided I had had enough of London, I no longer had ties to stay. I went home, but to new places. My course flew on, with it’s own highs and lows that only yoga can bring. There was At The Drive In and Secret Cinema. I made some incredibly selfish mistakes, thinking it would be ok if I told the truth, but it wasn’t really. Mistakes make you learn, so I tried not to dwell. I turned 29, I built things and broke things and started to feel burnt out by my actions. I took a second job at Yogahome, which began to become my second home. My amazing sister came to visit, and I went home AGAIN, only to be met with the same amazing kindness of my friends old and new, and celebrate the wedding of two absolute beys. And of course, I voted HARD against Brexit.

The third quarter of the year brought became about doing. I graduated from my yoga course with so many other fantastic ladies (and Fred of course!). My hours expanded at Yogahome and I began to teach cover classes for the wonderful Martha, as well as attempting to set up my own independent classes. I booked flights for all the secret plans I had rolling around my head, and enrolled in a second yoga course. I spent as much time as I could with as many friends as I could, when I could. I went back to where my London adventures started, handed in my resignation and visited family in Chamonix to solidify more plans. I lost my dog.

My time in London drew to a close in October, there were hugs, kisses, tears and trauma. I downsized, sold, gave away, packed and stored. I walked and walked and walked and cried, realising that after deciding to leave London, I had fallen in love with it. I said some sad goodbyes and boarded the plane(s) to Nepal, spending two of the most incredible weeks there. I was further away than I had ever been from any semblance of home, but I was happy. I returned to London for a few quiet days with some people close to my heart before boarding the next plane and landing into France. My amazing parents drove me to Les Houches where I would stay for the next few months. I found a job, and tried to make yoga contacts, which proved very difficult. I questioned my decisions, and missed friends. Christmas came along, with full family and dogs. We drank and ate too much. I finally discovered a hopeful yoga opportunity. I visited friends and spoke some hard truths, and started to feel much happier again. So long as we don’t include the New Year’s Day hangover, and snowboarding related whiplash.

So, celebrity deaths and political wankery aside, 2016 wasn’t all bad. I tried and succeeded in new things, I changed things that I wasn’t happy with and completely altered my life in a very short time. But somehow I think this is only the beginning. If I had to choose a word for 2016 it would be “brave”. I took a leap, and thus far it’s been the right choice. If I had to anticipate my word for 2017, I think it will be “fight”, between the challenges I have set myself up for, and this time political wankery included. Gloves are off, 2017. Hit me with your best shot. (Cheese).

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